Salt water bathing

The area presents eight salt water lakes (created over collapsed salt mines) – out of these, Gavril Lake (30 m) and Lacul Fără Fund – The Bottomless Lake (33 m, the deepest lake here) are two of the most famous, being also among the saltiest of all Europe.

Thus, the name of the renowned Ocna Șugatag (“ocna” means “salt mine”), the climatic health resort with an old tradition. Ocna Șugatag has a treatment base and offers varied touristic services.
Besides the treatment base we mentioned, salt water baths can also be taken in some of the pensions here – the pools can be used by the guests staying there or by paying an entry ticket.

Pensiunea Popasul din Deal
Pensiunea Teleptean
Pensiunea Vidra
Pensiunea Stâna
Pensiunea Crystal
Pensiunea Sandra
Pensiunea Iedera
Pensiunea Larisa
Pensiunea Casa Miller
Complex Holiday
Hotel Salina
Hotel Crăiasca
Hanul Margine