List of craftsmen

VillageCraftsmanCraftItems produced
Breb, no. 370Pătru Pop a NițiiWood carvingsmall wooden objects used in Household,
fuse cu zurgălăi,pecetare,
nut cracer, “cauce”
Breb, no. 39Gheorghe PopWood workingcrafts agricultural tools, forks, rakes from hazelnut wood, “frasin”, “sangerel”
Breb no. 48Ciuc FloareWool workingWool works, works at “teară”
Breb, no. 338Vișovan OnisimBasket weavingBaskets braided from hazelnut rods
Breb no. 316Bledea Maria (mother),Petric Maria (daughter),Pop Ileana (grandmother)Traditional clothMaramures shirts
Breb no 328Bota IrinaTraditional clothMaramures shirts
Breb, no. 269Vasile SimaWood carvingTroites, crosses, carved wooden gates;
Fence elements carved with rosette
And rope, makes about 4 a day, He did
the Indicator on the high road that indicates
the entrance to Breb.
Breb, no. 435Ileana BudeanuWool workingshirt sewing,”teara” weaving, makes “panura”
Breb, no. 219 BTiran IonWood workingwooden gates, wooden houses, fences
Breb no. 345Voichita TascanTraditional clothShirt sewing
Budesti no. 829Ileana BorodiTraditional clothMaramures shirts, loom, fabrics made of wool
Sarbi no. 120Pralea PetruWood carvingBottles with various wooden mountings, small sculptures
Calinesti no. 374Ana Andreica (works with Georgeta Iuga)Traditional costumesMaramures shirts, Belts, beads
Calinesti no. 37ACupcea VictoriaWool workingpurses, “pieptare”, loom, wool processing
Calinesti no. 516Andreica Marisca (Marisca lui Patru lu’ Pavel)Traditional clothwool processing- makes “panura” , “tiara” weaving, makes towels “stergare” , bakes pies
Calinesti no. 168Chindris PalaghiePort tradiționalMakes “gube” – from wool
CalinestiBerinde MarioaraTraditional cloth“teară” weaving
CalinestiNemes Petru (Vasalie)Wood workingWood processing, makes “lenkere”
Valeni no. 411 AIleana GodjaWool workingWool processing
DesestiIleana and Petre PopTraditional costumesMakes “cojoace” – a kind of jacket