Babou Maramureș Hostel and Camping * (Breb)


Maramureș is one of those few places that make you feel as if you are travelling back in time (in a positive manner)!

Babou Pension and Camping are located in the village of Breb, one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Maramureș.

The guest house is built in a traditional barn, with a common room and a simple kitchen on the ground floor. On the first floor you will find the dormitory with single beds. The view is spectacular! All you have to do is relax and enjoy nature and the simple country life!

The campsite is located in the 7000 square meters garden; here you will find chairs, hammocks and firepits – enjoy moments of relaxation and reconnection to the countryside and nature. Find a place in the grass or under a tree and enjoy the views of Ukraine!

The garden is a great starting point: discover the neighbouring fields, see the other villages, enjoy a trail in the forest or hike all the way up to Mount Gutâi peaks. The village itself is a real attraction: unpaved paths, small streets that roll up and down the hills, streams with wooden bridges, orchards full of apples and plums, horses and carts, locals working in the fields. There is also an old wooden church (historical monument), several wooden houses with traditional Maramures gates and wonderful people who can invite you to their house for a homemade “palinca” and a snack. The dishes served will be exclusively from their own production. Everyone has cows, sheep, pigs or chickens in the yard.

Rent a bike and enjoy the scenery all day long!

Those who love the mountain routes can hike on the Rooster Ridge, (which can be seen in the distance). The road to the top is accessible and there are marked routes you can follow. Don’t forget to wear shoes with a tight sole.

If you have questions about the region and Romania or just want to talk, the owners will be there for you.


  • FREE WiFi internet access
  • Garden with hammocks
  • Picnic area
  • Places where you can make fire
  • Private parking


  • Accommodation in a room arranged in an old refurbished barn
  • Camping with a tent or camper van
  • Possibility to make a campfire
  • Pets are welcome
  • Bicycle rental at additional cost
  • Foreign languages: English, Dutch.

BABOU MARAMUREȘ – TOURIST GUESTHOUSE * and CAMPING * received the Eco Romania certificate for good practices in eco-tourism and it supports the development of the Eco Maramureș destination as a partner.


GUESTHOUSE: 4 people in an accommodation space

CAMPING: 40 people in 10 campsites

LOCATION: No. 149, 437206 Breb, Ocna Șugatag commune, Maramureș county


Phone: 0362402558



Facebook: @BabouMaramures