Căsuța Tivadar



Căsuța Tivadar from Breb is a beautiful wooden house arranged in a traditional style that retains the authenticity of the place while offering all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay. Located in the heart of Breb village, this carefully and passionately renovated cottage by a local couple, Mariuta and Vasile, is a shining example of the preservation of cultural and architectural heritage. Formerly a traditional household and a family inheritance, it has been transformed into an accommodation site that harmoniously combines traditional elements with modern comfort.

The interior of the cottage is a true time capsule, recreating the atmosphere of a grandparents’ house. Authentic traditional decorations, bearing the mark of the work and talent of many generations, wooden beam ceilings, and rustic furniture create an intimate and welcoming setting, inviting relaxation and a break from the hectic daily life.

In addition to the comfort offered inside, Căsuța Tivadar enjoys a privileged location, being an ideal starting point for exploring the picturesque village of Breb. The village, with its manually carved gates, traditional houses, and authentic homesteads, offers a rural landscape untouched by modernity. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the locals, known for their hospitality, to discover the traditions and countryside lifestyle.

For those passionate about hiking and exploring nature, Breb village is an excellent starting point for trails in the Gutâi Mountains. An easy hike around the village, starting from the new church, will take you through meadows colored with wildflowers and medicinal plants, orchards, and groves. The landscapes are idyllic, with panoramic views of the Gutâi Mountains unfolding in all their splendor.

Moreover, the Eco Maramureș destination, where Căsuța Tivadar is situated, offers numerous tourist attractions. Visitors can explore the wooden churches of Budești and Desești, both part of UNESCO heritage, or discover local traditions in the village of Sârbi. Marked cycling trails totaling 164 km are an excellent way to explore the natural beauty of the area. Other accessible attractions include the city of Sighetu Marmației, Bârsana Monastery, Săpânța Peri Monastery, the famous Merry Cemetery, and the Mocănița steam train in Viseu de Sus.

Căsuța Tivadar is not just a place to stay but an authentic and profound experience in the heart of Maramureș traditions and culture. It offers the chance to live, even for a few days, the peaceful rhythm and harmony of country life in a village that keeps alive the essence of Historic Maramureș.



  • Free WiFi access
  • Garden
  • Private parking


  • Upon request, during the summer, you can take a horse-drawn carriage ride, and in the winter, a sleigh ride in the surroundings
  • Opportunity to wear traditional costumes for a photo session
  • Guided tours to natural tourist attractions in the area
  • Vacation vouchers accepted

CAPACITY: 4 people in 2 accommodation spaces

LOCATION: No. 312, 437206 Breb, Ocna Șugatag commune, Maramureș


Mariuta Tivadar

Phone: 0758735222

Email: vasile_tivadar@yahoo.com

Facebook: @casuta-tivadar-breb