Țiplea Pension *** (Ocna Șugatag)


Tiplea Pension is located in Ocna Șugatag (having a 3 daisies rating) and offers 8 comfortable rooms equipped with TV, refrigerator, internet, cable and private bathroom.

The garden is designed to offer 3 spacious filigrees with barbeque, oven for bread or pizza, swing, hammock, trampoline, tub with salt and heated water.

All three filigrees are arranged in an authentic Maramures style.

In addition to accommodation, the pension offers several unique experiences. Whether it’s the lovely ambiance,  the nice people or the culinary delights, the pension offers a successful mix of services. Here, families with children are welcome, the fun places specially arranged in the yard are at great demand; also, young people who are looking for a romantic atmosphere will find in the garden of the pension a suitable spot, away from prying eyes.

Enjoy a bath in the salted water lakes of Ocna Șugatag or take a walk through Pădurea Crăiască, a protected area of ​​national interest where a themed path is arranged; choose one of the new marked cycling routes (with bicycles that can be rented at the pension). You can also start a mountain hike on the marked trails, to natural sights in the ecotourism destination “Eco Maramureș”. You can easily reach the landmarks or objectives in the larger area of ​​historical Maramureș: Bârsana Monastery and Săpânța Peri Monastery, Sighetu Marmației, Merry Cemetery in Săpânța.


  • Free WiFi internet access
  • Barbecue facilities
  • Terrace, garden
  • Playground
  • Access to the kitchen


  • Bicycle rental, extra cost
  • Salt water wooden tub, heated
  • Holiday tickets are accepted
  • Payment by card
  • Pet friendly location

Pension Țiplea received the Eco Romania certificate for good practices in eco-tourism and it supports the development of the Eco Maramureș destination as a partner.

CAPACITY: 20 people in 8 accommodation spaces

LOCATION: str. A. Iancu, no. 14, Ocna Șugatag, Maramureș


Anca Visovan, Lucian Visovan

Phone: 0749581135, 0262.374.077

Email: visovan.anca@yahoo.com

Facebook: @pensiuneatiplea