Breb 148 – Local food&garden


Breb 148 – Local food & garden is a small rural restaurant, located in a traditional orchard, where you can live the culinary experience of the Maramures village. You are expected in a wonderful setting to enjoy traditional dishes prepared with love from local ingredients, to feel at home, greeted by the owners of the place, Irina and Radu, in an “edge of the village Breb, where there is peace, no worries, with books to read, hammocks and a lot of hay and summer smell”!

You will have as much time as you want, and if you feel the need to catch your breath after a hearty meal, you will have the opportunity to rest a bit in the shade, on the blankets provided by the hosts, because here life flows in a peaceful rhythm, far of daily distress.

CAPACITY:    60 people on the terrace

LOCATION:   No.148, Breb Village, Ocna Șugatag commune, Maramureș County

OPEN BETWEEN :  april – october


Irina Pocrișer

Phone: 0745 201 654


Facebook: @Breb148