Just over the Gutâi pass, coming from Baia Mare, on the right side of the road, entering Mara village, you will find an oasis of good mood, relaxation and culinary pampering. Choose to stop here for a short break and enjoy a beautiful landscape in a representative area of ​​the historical Maramures. Even the host will find time to sit with the guests, have a drink and get to know them!

At Bică Haiducul you will enjoy goodies that leave your mouth watering, carefully prepared from local ingredients: pork cheeks, mutton or pork pastrami, duck breast pastrami and other dishes, pampered as much as necessary over a wood fire; tender and tasty that they’ll leave you wanting more!

And the veal or mutton stew, along with a steaming homemade bread are also on the menu!

Because a good meal must end with a dessert, there is the specialty of the house: raspberry cake and yogurt cream!

You are welcome, always with great delights and good cheer!


30 people indoor

16 people on the terrace

LOCATION: Main Street, 87A, Mara Village, Desești commune, Maramureș County

CONTACT: Daniel Dulf, Dana Dulf

Phone: 0740 781905


Facebook: @bicahaiducu