Morărenilor Lake (Lacul Morărenilor)

Close to Breb (one of the most charming villages in Romania) you can find Morărenilor Lake – a nearly circular lake with a maximum depth of 20 meters, which was formed through a landslide. Today, the lake is supplied by a stream with constant flow and underground springs – its surplus flows into Valea Mare (the Great Valley) one of Mara River’s affluents.

You can reach Morărenilor Lake (which stretches over 20 hectares), after a hike up that takes you to 853 meters above sea level – or by bicycle. In addition to birds of various species, including mallard, there are living creatures of all kinds in the lake and around it: the European common brown frog, the viviparous lizard, the yellow-bellied toad, the little grebe and even the viper. You may also find plants that are specific to the area – bog bean, mat-grass, black alder, hazelnut, golden willow, elder. From the lake you may see, in the distance, the forested part of the Rooster’s Crest – but for that you need another day and another hike.

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