Poiana Brazilor Swamp (Mlaştina Poiana Brazilor)

Also on the Igniş plateau, but in a depression area, you can find Poiana Brazilor swamp, the lowest place in Romania – only 970 meters – where the creeping pine grows, usually seen only in the alpine areas. The place, covering 3 hectares, is found at the bifurcation of two swamps that each stretch for one kilometer: a forested one – Valea Brazilor Left and one with peat – Valea Brazilor Right.

In addition to the hiking, which is beautiful in itself, you can see in the swamp of Poiana Brazilor aquatic birds – the grey heron, for example – that pass by here either in search of food or when the time of migration comes. With luck, you can see red deer and maybe even wolves or bears – or at least the trails they left in the woods.

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