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We recommend making a reservation for your vacation now by choosing one of Eco Maramureș’s trusted accommodation partners in our destination.


Come to the events organized in Eco Maramureș to enjoy authentic customs and traditions, local gastronomy, and plenty of joy in an exceptional natural setting.


Choose from our specially crafted tourist programs, designed to capture the essence of the place, highlighting its authenticity, uniqueness, and natural beauty.

The green heart of Maramureș still beats ancestral rhythms. One may find it hidden in the Gutâi Mountains that embrace the gentle hills between Mara and Cosău rivers. A spectacular and peaceful space, where people spend their lives in a simple manner as seasons, faith and traditions teach them.

During the centuries, Moroşenii (the people of Maramureș) have raised here a civilization of wood. Reflected everywhere, it can be seen by guests (travelers) in the slender spiers of the churches, linking heaven and earth; in the traditional folk techniques; in the massive gates, carved with pagan symbols designed to protect the family; in outbuildings and household items.

The man of Maramureș lives today as he has always lived: he is well-to-do and proud of his history, jovial and happy to have guests, always ready to show you around, make you a part of the household habits or take you to village holidays.

The Mara, Creasta Cocoșului (Rooster’s Crest) and Cosău triangle is the perfect place for active tourism: you can choose between biking, climbing, paragliding and skiing – or you can wander on the mountains, taking perfect pictures.

We are looking forward to meeting you here! This year and the years to come!

Mara – Cosău – Creasta Cocoșului


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Our Mission

  • Responsible tourism

  • Respect for natural and cultural values

  • We preserve patrimonial values

  • We keep it for future generations

Your opinion matters


Dear tourists, we invite you to contribute to the monitoring of the tourist activity carried out on the territory of Maramureş, Mara – Cosău – Creasta Cocoşului. The information provided will help us organize the offer of services to the expectations of tourists visiting the area.

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