For Nature Explorers

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This tour will lead you to the stunning wilderness areas of the Eastern Carpathians, revealing the undisclosed legacy of the last patches of virgin forests where bears and wolves make the rules. It will open up a window to the archaic life in the remote villages with local history, life philosophy, culture and traditions which are organically linked to the forests sheltering them.



8 days trip, organized on request, with departure from Cluj Napoca, for groups of 12-14 people.

Group size: min. 8, max. 12 persons

Price: will be calculated according with the group size.

Package includes: a day trip to the virgin forests in Țibleș Mountains and wildlife observation in the evening, one day hiking to the Rooster’s Crest Nature Monument, two day cycling tour along the Mara and Cosău rivers, 2 days of hiking in the Maramureș and Rodnei Mountains, guidance and interpretation in English, bicycle renting for 2 days, half board and accommodation in local guesthouses in Maramureș and hotel in Cluj-Napoca, transport by van during your trip.

Day 1-2 Virgin forests and wildlife observation
Dedicated for discovering the virgin forests hosting the last giant trees of Maramureș in the Țibleș Mountains, with species of plants and animals long lost in other parts of Europe. It is the perfect place to deepen your knowledge related to bears during the wildlife observation in the evening at the Băiuț observatories, assisted by our experienced wildlife guides.
Accommodation in local guesthouse in Suciu de Sus.

Day 3 Trekking to the Rooster’s Crest Nature Monument
One of the most spectacular protected areas in the region, the magnificent andesitic formations, of a declared natural monument, are part of a volcanic crater that erupted nine million years ago. The summit area is a perfect sightseeing point for the historical Maramureș from where you can watch the birds of prey flying above the meadows and beech forests in the deep valleys.
Accommodation in local guesthouse in Breb. 

Day 4 and 5 Cycling along the Mara and Cosău rivers 
These cycling tours will reveal nature attractions along with the cultural heritage of villages settled in a beautiful landscape scenery. Highlights of the day: UNESCO heritage wooden church in Budești; salt lakes and Crăiască Nature reserve in Ocna Șugatag, and Roșia Monastery which is built of wood and stone in the traditional style of Maramureș County.Accommodation in local guesthouse in Breb .

Day 6 and 7 Highest peaks and wilderness in Maramureș and Rodnei Mountains
2 days of trekking in the Eastern Carpathians with accommodation in Borșa – at local guesthouse. Itinerary of day 6 :  Borșa  –  Știol peak(1611 m) – Lake Izvorul Bistriței  (1690 m) – Gărgălau Peak (2158 m)  –  Șaua Cailor (1825 m)  – Cailor waterfall – Borșa  Itinerary of day 7Prislop Pass  (Prislop Inn  1413 m) – Fântâna Stanchii (1700 m) – Tarniţa Bălăsânii (fauna reserve) – Prislop Pass . Transfer to Cluj-Napoca in the afternoon for accommodation.

Day 8: Cluj Napoca and departure
Explore Cluj Napoca city center and its architecture carrying the memories of the history and leave to the airport for travel back home.

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