The Story of Wood

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The story of wood – living heritage and UNESCO patrimony

Group size: minimum 4
Available: 25 – 26 September 2021

Price for adults: 300 Lei
Price for children between 6 and 14 years: 180 Lei

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Day 1 – Virgin forests 

A day of hiking in the virgin forests hosting the last giant trees in Maramures. The old growth forests of Strâmbu Băiuț are samples of the last terrestrial ecosystems in Europe, formed without significant human influence.

The forest plays an essential role in preserving the cultural identity of local communities, which have created a true “civilization of wood” over time. The history, philosophy of life and traditions of these villages are closely linked to the forest that shelters them. Guided by the forestry specialist, we will discover the mysteries of natural forests, which once covered the vast majority of the territories, and understand their role as a source of inspiration, resource and energy in the lives of the locals over time. The secular forests of Strâmbu Băiuț are samples of the natural habitats existing in the region with archetype value, unique in the Carpathian Mountains, being included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Place and time of departure: Poiana Botizii, at the mineral water spring, 11:00


Day 2 – Civilization of wood

On this day we will discover the archaic life built in wood of Maramureș, which still persists in some places, in a constantly changing world. We will walk through the villages of Breb and Budești exploring the architectural identity elements of these areas. We will visit two wooden churches used today by the locals, St. Archangels church in Breb (XVI -th century) and St. Nicolae church in Budești (1643), included in the UNESCO world heritage.

Walking along the streets of the villages, we will discover the pre-Christian symbols carved in the wood of the massive Maramureş gates and we will find out more about the ingenious peasant technical devices powered by water.

Did you know that the small hats, specific for Maramures are also made of wood, more precisely from wood shavings? In order to convince you about the mastery transformation of wood into the most worn piece of the traditional male wear, we will stop at the craftsman in Budești who makes these hats and helps preserve the identity of these places.

Place and time of departure: Breb, 10:00


Group size: minimum 4 people.

Available: 25 – 26 September 2021


The package includes: two days of guided trips

The package does not include: transport, food and personal expenses of tourists

Recommendations:  footwear suitable for hiking and season, raincoat, trekking poles, and drinking water


Price for adults: 300 Lei

Price for children between 6 and 14 years: 180 Lei

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