The Rooster’s Crest (Creasta Cocoșului)

It is called the “Rooster’s Crest” because it resembles a gigantic rooster crest. But beyond the easy-to-understand origin of the name, the crest of the Gutâi Mountains is of special significance: it is the last remnant – and the most spectacular – of a volcanic crater that erupted 9 million years ago here, in the place we call today Maramures.

The image of the ridge, if you look at it from below – from tens of kilometers away or from its feet – is unforgettable: rocky, daring, concave, stretched over a length of 200 meters. But if you make the effort to climb up to its top, at 1,400 meters, and turn your eyes around, you will have Maramureş itself laying at your feet. And you’ll probably promise yourself to come back some time.

The 50-hectare area around the ridge, at just 35 km away from Baia Mare, has been declared a protected site in 1954 – and has been named Creasta Cocosului Reserve, being classified as a IUCN protected area of category III – Monuments of nature. Subsequently, the reserve and the buffer zone around it were declared a Natura 2000 European site, the aim being to protect and conserve the flora and fauna of great environmental and scientific significance; here we find, for example, a well-preserved habitat for lynx, bear and some rare species of raptor birds in Europe, such as the mountain eagle and the small eagle.

Tourists have multiple options in the Reserve: hiking trails, rock climbing routes; paragliding; birdwatching observatory; ski touring; wildlife and nature photography.

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