Hoteni Lakes (Tăurile de la Hoteni)

The locals call these lakes “tăuri”, but few townspeople know what this word means. The dictionary teaches that the “tău” is in fact “a shallow, stagnant water” – or, popularly, “a puddle”. The lakes of Hoteni are located near the entrance to the village, on the right as you come from Breb, and comprise three lakes and a swamp, on a total of 2,51 ha. Biologists say the lakes are eutrophic (rich in nutrients) and the swamp is oligotrophic (poor in minerals and nutrients). The water is not deep – twice the size of a man – more precisely 4 meters – and shelters, under the floating peat layer, a wealth of life forms hard to find in other wetlands.

Here are found carnivorous plants – which have survived, biologists say, the ice age – and in the two elongated lakes, whose gloss has a specific brown color, given by the 150 algae species, live fish unique in the area and, however hard to believe, freshwater turtles. In other words, a thousand reasons why the Hoteni Lakes are to be declared a reservation of scientific significance.

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